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What to wear ideas for your photo shoot.


        Deciding on what to wear for a family photo session is sometimes challenging.   Use this guide and examples to strike some ideas with items you probably already have in your closet. 

  • Stay away from matching shirt colors and try coordinating colors.
  • One idea is to coordinate pops of color.  So establish your base color, like grey and then accent with 1 or 2 splashes of color like yellow or turquoise.  Not everyone needs to wear that accent color.
  • Limit patterns.  Having one shirt or dress with a pattern to tie in all the colors works well but not several people in patterns this will distract from the overall photo.
  • Stay away from character clothing.  (unless it is a themed shoot)
  • Try to avoid all black or all white.   White is often blown out in shots in the sun and black tends to loose detail.
  • Textures are good.
  • Pay attention to details: scarves, hats, shoes, and jewelry.  All these items play a part in your cohesive look.  
  • Think classics.  Simple classic clothes always work best.  They stay timeless in your photo on the wall and won’t look dated. 

 ​       Here are some great examples of cohesive looks.  Take these as a starting point.  Don’t feel you need to copy them exactly.  This is your photo shoot and should reflect your style and personality. 

        Example # 1 

        This look I put together shows how a few pops of orange can tie everyone together.  The color orange varies from light to dark and in this example everyone does have a pop of orange but that isn't always necessary.    


     Example #2

     I call this the layered look.  I loved putting this look together it is my absolute favorite.  Why?  Because layers add dimension, texture, and you can take off or add items as we go.  For example, we could shoot a few with the women's scarf and cardigan than take it off for some individual shots with your kids.  After all who doesn't love variety!     

                                           Layered Look


       Example #3 

       Another simple example of picking a base color with accents.  

                                            Mellow Yellow

        Example #4  

        I warned you about options.  This is a little tricky but can be done.  Neutrals look amazing in the right location and setting.  You can also add an accent color with this if you wished.


        I hope this guide helps you.  Probably the most important thing is to wear what you know you look good in.  This is especially important because the way you feel about yourself in a certain outfit will come through on your images.    







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