Once upon a time...a wedding.

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Yes I know, I know, I said it a million times…ok maybe a handful.  "No I will not be photographing weddings."

I get asked on occasion to photograph weddings.  I always answer with a polite "No" and explain the beast that is wedding photography.  It's not for the faint of heart.  It's like a men's barber trying to attempt coloring and cutting my hair.  He knows how to cut hair but it's not his forte. Yes, I have done one in the past for a good friend.  The photos turned out better than expected but gosh darn it are weddings tough.   Kudos to you wedding photogs out there.  You shoot all day then edit for an eternity.   No seriously forever.   Plus, if you know me I am a huge stress ball.  I worry about everything and know that being in a highly emotional situation such as most weddings would stress me out even more.  I’ll stick to crying babies and toddlers who never want their picture taken.  

So how did this all happen then?  A longtime high school friend sent me a text one day that she was interested in having me photograph her wedding.  After I got the text I took awhile to respond.   After all, I am not comfortable doing weddings and knew from the last wedding I did it was a lot of work afterwards.  Deep down I wanted to be there on this day for her but knew this isn’t the kind of photography I am comfortable doing.  So days went by and I get another text from her.  She started to explain that her fiancé is planning on moving to the US from London and that time and keeping things on budget are a must.   It was going to be a non-traditional wedding, all outdoors, with a small guest list, just easy going and carefree, just like her.  In that case I was in.  I liked how it was going to be non-tradional and carefree and knew that I would not be as stressful as a tradional wedding. 

Until…the week of the wedding I check the weather and there is a 100% chance of rain.  100% folks.  Rain all day for an outdoor wedding with my loads of equipment and lenses. Yikes.  Now bring the stress.  So a little more than 48 hours before the wedding I get a call.  Can you photograph the wedding tomorrow instead?  What?  I was supposed to have one more day to mentally stress myself out.  

So here we are day of the wedding (a day earlier) and I couldn’t believe what this girl pulled off.  It was gorgeous!  Exactly, how she described it.  Set up in a garden, carefree, and beautiful.   Everything was handmade even the food.  After all this to her wasn’t about all the tradional wedding hoopla.  This special day was about bringing family and friends together and finally getting married to the love of her life after being thousands of miles apart.  After seeing them together I couldn't help but to think how lucky I was to capture this day for them.  It was so fun to photograph because they kept everything simple and it was all about them.  The day moved along without a worry.  I snapped away and it was simple.  These two couldn’t wait to finally be married and you could feel the love that day.  During the outdoor ceremony I don’t know if there was a dry eye in the place.  Including me as I sat crouched down between two tables wiping tears on the bottom of my dress trying to take photos.  Afterwards, they didn’t want any posed photos just natural and simple togetherness.  I loved it.  Honest expressions and true love.  

So here is a little sneak peak of this wedding day I got to spend with my longtime friend Missy and her husband Nick.  Once again, thank you so much for trusting in me to be your photographer.  I am so glad to have been able to share this day with you.  I was deeply inspired and touched to witness such love on this beautiful day. 


And in case you are wondering, No I don’t do weddings.  



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